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bovine leather


Where does leather come from?
Leather was created as a food industry by-product from common animals as:

  • Bovines
  • Pigs
  • Sheeps
  • Goatlikes
  • Etc....

How is leather used and what purpose does it serve?

  • Footwear
  • Clothing
  • Furnishing
  • Auto fittings
  • Leather goods in general

Why Leather?

  • It is natural product;
  • Can be kept dust-free, which is a  beneficial to allergy-sufferers;
  • Has a comfortable and soft touch;
  • Has an exceptionally long, useful life;
  • Has a strong, durable surface that is not easily torn;
  • Is easy to clean (Can be kept dust-free, which is a beneficial to allergy- sufferers);
  • Improves with age.

Leather morphology
The animal hides can be divided in three principal layers:

  • Epidermis: (1%)
  • Derm: (85%) part used for the tanning process
  • Subcutaneous layer: (14%)
Morfologie kůže

This part of the animal hide is normally split by a mechanical process (called Splitting) into a top layer (Top Grain) and a thick lower layer (Split), which may then be further split.


Bovine leather:
Which part of the raw leather is used for tanning?


How can a bovine hide be splitted:


Some commercial classification of leather:

Some commercial classification of leather

Natural markings:

Natural markings