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I sell bovine- and auto-leather since 2005. I am the exclusive importer and distributor of bovine leather produced by italian company NewPel, which is on the world markets since 1987

Thanks to my years-long experience in furniture industry and big storage reserves I am able to react to any customers demands and wishes fast and be very flexible.

Ing. Michal Pavlát
Podpis Pavlát

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in the products – In stock:
– skladem: Manhattan
– to order: Panama a Louvre

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Suitable for making handbags, baby shoes, diaries, etc.

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Company introduction


I am selling bovine leather for upholstery on the Czech market since 2005, and since 2007 I have entered also the Slovakian market, where I have my sales representative in Topolcany. Since 2014 I am selling leather also in Hungary and Poland.

I am the exclusive representative of the Italian tannery New Pel Company, from where I am importing leather, which is further distributed. The origin of the leather dyed at the New Pel Company is both European and non-European, mainly India, Kazakhstan, Australia and New Zealand and partly South America. The quality of the offered leather is only first class, it is not secondary selection.

At the beginning of 2008 I opened new storage house in a village called Rajhradice, which is about 10 km south from Brno. Here on more than 300 sq.m of storage space I offer 20 000 sg. m of leather in 150 different colors and shades. The basic offer includes these 12 articles:

  • PRINCE – pigmented top grain, so-called Madras, thickness 0,9 – 1,1mm
  • NEVADA – two-tone color leather, with high shiny effect, 0,9 – 1,1mm thick
  • OHIO – semi-aniline leather, 0,9 – 1,1mm thick
  • FLORIDA – pigmented top grain, so-called Dollaro (rough leather), thickness 1,3 – 1,5 mm
  • BLACK SPLIT LEATHER – offered in 2 different sizes: 1,25 m2 a 2,8 m2
  • DAKOTA (Asportabile) – traditional leather of English style used for rubbing
  • BYCAST – foily leather, good for use in hotels, restaurants, etc.
  • DAYTONA – leather for cars, 0,9 - 1,1 mm thick, suitable for cars, increased resistance
  • PANAMA – leather of old look (vintage), nubuck effect, 1,0 - 1,2mm thick
  • MANHATTAN – semi-anilin leather, soft on touch, silk feeling, 1,3 - 1,5mm thick
  • NAPPA – carleather, 1,1 - 1,3mm thick, 3 types in offer – smooth, soft and rough print + about 100 colors on order
  • PARIS – shoeleather, 1,0 - 1,1mm thick

The above mentioned articles are 90% available at the storage, and are regularly filled in. Of the less sold colors I have about 40 sg. m each at the disposal. The most wanted articles are stocked at minimum 300 sq. m.

Next to the basic articles I offer also the following:

  • Aniline leather (Bonanza)
  • Semi-aniline leather (Ohio and Louvre)
  • Pigmented leather (Torro)
  • Perforated leather
  • Cow hide hair – zebra, giraffe, leopard etc.

More information about the above mentioned articles, can be found in the section „PRODUCTS“on this webpage.

Thanks to the big storage space I am able to fulfill the customers’ needs immediately. The ordered goods are dispatched the same day they are ordered and next day they reach the customer. For the transportation I use my own cars as well as the services of GEIS in the Czech Republic, in Slovakia (delivery time is 24 hours), and the whole Europe.

My services are characterized by great amount of flexibility and by the speed of delivery of ordered goods. The customer satisfaction is my priority, and that is why I also offer production of any amount of samplers, which is of course free of charge. Furthermore I am able to arrange a color of the leather, which is not in my offer and can ask my supplier to produce the desired color.



Since 2007 I am the exclusive supplier of the Slovakian producer, where our leather is used in order to create unique sofas made to measure.