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About New Pel company

New Pel company is an innovative and dynamic company that has been established in 1987 in Arzignano, which is one of the most important tanning districts in Italy.

They produce leather from raw material that is bought directly mainly from South America, Australia and New Zeland and Europe

New Pel has a range of more than 200 colors divided in 9 articles with a disposal of 300 – 400 sqm for each article, which allows to deliver all articles within 24 hours and to produce every type of article in very short time (2 weeks)

New Pel sells its leather to more than 25 countries worldwide,e.g. Canada, Mexico, Malaysia, Azerbaijan, France, Germany, etc.

New Pel pays a special and carefull attention to the quality of their products during all the phases of the production process (eg. tests for the abrasion resistance, both wet and dry leather, and for ageing stability).

UNI EN 13336:2004

All NewPel production follows the european standard UNI EN 13336:2004

NewPel is also certified by the Internal Italian Minister as producing company of “Fire-resistant” leather as 1IM regulation.

New Pel Company S.R.L.
New Pel Company S.R.L.
New Pel Company S.R.L.

New Pel Company S.R.L. Viale Vicenza 56, C.P. 43 - 36071 Arzignano (VI) Italia
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